Pullman Putrajaya

Here i just want to share with all of u about my favourite place at Putrajaya..Pullman?Now it is my favourite place..
Kalau tension2,mmg ni my first place to go..For me,bila i sit here look at the view,it give me a peace..Dalam sebulan tu,it more than 3 times i come to this place..Even though masih tak hafal jalan,asyik sesat je, i still akan dtg sini to relax my mind;)


Public Speaking Competition

Alhamdulillah..i got for second place..
Thanks to all my friend from IT (Multimedia) department especially to my classmate DIT 5A came to support me..
Dah macam masuk AF pula, u all siap bawa sepanduk name (A4 paper)..hehe..
Anyway thanks again..