I smile when you say hi,
I smile when you come by,
I smile to know your there,
I smile to know you care,
I smile to see your smile,
I smile even though your miles,
I smile when you make a silly joke,
I smile to give me hope,
I smile when you say good night,
I smile when it's just right


Sista =)

Sara and Diya

My Lucky!=)


This was my first experienced worked as model for boutique...ahaa...this happened when i was accompany my younger sister for interview for this boutique.. Then the owner asked me to joined my younger sister to try this part time job..Yes i know it was my lucky because impossible for me to be the model because i'm 'chubby' girl....=)

HISA project

Hi my talk machine!!

Long time not update my blogger...
mayb to much busy...busy dreaming..=))

Last 2week my english group which is HISA group
have won for the first round for recycle project..
thanks to DIT 3A for voting our group...=))

We will do our best to present it on this 30 July for the final..